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Commitment to Our Staff

At Bardea Restaurant Group, we take actionable steps to create a people-first workplace that provides fair wages and benefits to everyone on our team. A 3% wellness fee will be applied to all checks. This small fee goes directly towards our healthcare plan, providing all staff with affordable coverage. If you feel strongly against this contribution, you may request it to be removed by a manager.

Why not opt for a 3% menu price increase?

While increasing menu prices is a consideration, it's essential to understand that we would need to increase menu prices more substantially than 3%. Such adjustments would not be favored by most guests - potentially leading to fewer patrons joining us. This affects the overall sales, and in turn, our staff's earnings. To ensure continued support for our employees, any adjustments in pricing would need to be carefully evaluated, taking into account both guest satisfaction and our commitment to providing fair wages and benefits to our dedicated team.